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The minimalist design of the housing allows a wide range of applications.


The case is available in black, white and 7 other colors.


The housing of OnLight is designed so that it can hang, stand, lie down or be screwed.


The housing of OnLight consists of two parts. On the larger part of the LED ring is screwed. The second part is a cap which can be screwed onto the back thread. As a result, OnLight can be mounted in lampshades or self-made brackets.

The rear thread fits into E27 lamp sockets, which allows OnLight to be mounted inside. Or on the thread more brackets or accessories can be screwed.

The housings are produced in 3D printing and can therefore be adapted to the individual taste in color and shape.



OnLight has 24 individually controllable and dimmable LEDs.


The LEDs can each play 16 million colors.

Light Scenes

Tropical, Nordic, Rainbow and Flash Lights.


By a battery in the housing Onlight mobile, e.g. for the garden.


Each of the 24 LEDs can be individually controlled. Brightness and color can be determined exactly. This makes animated lighting scenes possible. All animated lighting moods are adjustable in speed. So they are suitable for relaxed TV evenings as well as the private party.

The following lighting scenes are pre-programmed.

  • Nordic: A mood of light reminiscent of the Northern Lights. Gentle color changes between light blue, dark blue and turquoise.
    Tropical: A lighting mood reminiscent of tropical sunsets. Gentle color changes between yellow, orange, red and purple.
    Solid: Use the Hue slider to choose a constant color.
    Rainbow Solid: Color change through the entire color palette.
    Rainbow Circle: An animated rainbow that covers the entire color spectrum.
    Flash Lights: Individual LEDs flash in blue, yellow and pink at random.

OnLight can also be used as a mobile device. There is still room for a small LiPo-battery between the housing and the LED ring. This allows you to disconnect Onlight from the power outlet and also take it to the garden or to the balcony. But beware, the WLAN has to be strong enough!

What lighting moods would it still need? Does it take more space for a larger battery? Share your opinion here.



OnLight can be controlled with the Blynk app.


The cloud connects the app and Onlight.


OnLight only has to be set up once in your home WiFi.


The Blynk app on a smartphone or tablet can control one or more OnLights. The Blynk app is available for iOS and Android and is free with a Maker account. Additional in-app purchases are possible. This is not necessary for the displayed app. Timers or GPS coordinates can also be read out with the Blynk app. So OnLight could be turned on at a certain time or as soon as I get near my apartment.

Particle offers a suitable cloud for the photon (microcontroller). In addition, the commands of the app to the microcontroller, so OnLight sent on. Commands from other services can also be received via the cloud. One of the best known is IFTTT (If this than that), which makes it easy to create your own applications.

The microcontroller must be connected to the WiFi once and can receive data from the cloud, i.e. from the smartphone. Even if you are not at home you can turn your lights on and off.

Nice to know.

Feazibly OnLight LED Studio Andre Nakonz WiFi Smart Home DIY Blynk
Photon microcontroller is connected to the WiFi and controls the LEDs.
LED-Ring with 24 LEDs
First part of the housing is bolted to the LED ring. Between the ring and housing still fits a battery.
Second part of the housing for screwing in lamp holders or as a stand usable.


Length: 72 mm
Width: 72 mm
Height: 32 mm (just case)
Height: 45 mm (with Photon)

Suitable for the following lampshades

Diameter of the ring on the lampshade can be 39 to 55 mm.

Size of the LiPo battery

maximum: 58 x 26 x 8 mm

Openings for cables and holders

Width: 6 mm