Idea and Motivation

A Light that Moves Your Home

There are many smart home lights in all sizes and shapes. But there is no app-controlled moveable light yet. It is common in nature for light to move. The sun, fire, northern lights or shooting stars are just a few examples. This moving light has a fascinating effect on us. MovingLight brings this fascination into the home.


Design In Progress


MovingLight should be compact and inconspicuous, as it is located in the living room and should not be too noticeable. MovingLight is a prototype and changes in design or technology may occur quickly. To avoid waste the design should be material saving.


All parts are only plugged in or screwed together. No gluing or permanent connections of the electronics have been used. This makes it easy to replace individual parts and reuse the electronics in other projects.

How To Use

2.148.964.200.000 Possibilities

App Controlled

MovingLight is controlled by a free and self-built app. There are 3 movement scenarios and a colour selector for the LEDs.

16.5 Mio Colors

The Neopixel-Ring from Adafruit with 24 RGBW LEDs can shine in millions of colors and white.

360 Degree of Freedom

Both motors can rotate endlessly. The direction of movement changes after 360 degrees so that cables do not break.

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Further Developments

Whats Next?

The motors produce a very high and annoying sound as soon as they are screwed together. Like a kind of micro-vibration. Does anyone have a solution to the problem?
Arduino cannot execute two commands at the same time. Therefore, LED color changes are only possible when the motors are stopped. Is there a solution to execute motor movement and color change simultaneously?

In the next version, the problems should be solved. More lighting scenes, color changes, and different movements and movement speeds would be great.