Idea and Motivation

A robot for everyone. For everything.

We live in an age in which robots seem to become competitors. But what if they become personal assistants for everyone? Caro is a robot that anyone can build, operate and change.

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Optimization in progress

Less Weight

CaRo is designed for children and beginners. Therefore, the components are very light to prevent injury. The assembly is also easy.

Greater Reach

CaRo moves on three cables that allow a wide reach of action. A classic robot arm would be much more complex in terms of design and material for the same area of action.

Features and Use

For beginners and semi-professional users

App Controlled

CaRo is controlled by a free and self-built app. Two joysticks allow the robot to move freely in space. Further functions (light, gripper) can be easily programmed.

Basics of Programming

The hardware and software of CaRo is very simple. It is designed to give children and beginners an easy introduction to robotics. CaRo is to be understood as a platform that can be individualized and expanded.

Experiments and Prototypes

For schools and universities, CaRo is a very cost-effective possibility to develop robotic experiments and prototypes.

Further Developments

Whats Next?

In order to make CaRo more interesting for small research departments (eg architecture or engineering), the next stage of development would require increasing spans, payloads and improving precision. Control by computer programs such as Rhino and Grasshopper via Python would also be feasible.